Shabe Barat Dua | Prayers for Shab-e-Baraat

Shabe Barat Dua | Prayers for Shab-e-Baraat | Shabe Baraat, also known as Laylatul Baraat or Night of Forgiveness, is an important Islamic observance that falls on the 15th night of the Islamic month of Shaban. It is believed to be a night of great significance and blessings for Muslims around the world, as it is believed that on this night, Allah (SWT) forgives the sins of all those who sincerely seek His forgiveness.


Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

“When it is the fifteenth of Shaban, then stand (in worship) at night and fast during the day. Because Allah descends in this night at sunset to the first heaven and says: ‘Is there any seeker of forgiveness, that I may forgive him? Is there any seeker of sustenance, that I may sustain him? Is there anyone in affliction, that I may remove his affliction? Is there anyone like this, like that (and so on)’. This continues until Fajr.”Shabe Barat Dua | Prayers for Shab-e-Baraat

(Ibn Majah) (.1)


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told Hazrat Ayesha about 15th of Shaban:

“In it, the record is made of every human being who will be born, and of every human being who will pass away this year. In it, their deeds are taken up to heaven and in their provisions are sent down.”

– (Baihaqi) (.2)


Pray Salatul Tasbih

Salat-ul Tasbih is one of the many beautiful gifts passed on by the Prophet Muhammad  to his ummah. Not only does it erase your sins completely, but also helps you build a close and personal connection with Allah.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ one day said to his uncle, Abbas (RA):

“Oh Uncle, shall I not give you, shall I not grant you, shall I not award you, shall I not do mercy on you; When you do ten things Allah will forgive your sins, of future and of past, new and old, those you have forgotten and those you did knowingly, big and small, hidden and revealed.” Then He ﷺ taught him the way to pray Salat ul Tasbih and said to offer this salah once a day. If not once a day then every Friday, and even if this not possible then once a month, and even if this is not possible then once a year, and even if this is not possible then at least once in a lifetime.

 (Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi) (.3)


How to perform Salatul Tasbih

This salah is performed in four Raka’at at a time and can be offered in any part of the day and night besides the Makrooh times of sunrise and sunset. However, it is preferred before Dhuhr prayer. The tasbih for this salah is:

“Subhaan Allahi Wal Hamdulillahi Wa Laa ilaha illal Laahu Wallahu Akbar“

“All Glory and Perfection is to Allah, All praise is to Allah, there is no god but Allah, Allah is the Greatest”

  1. After starting the Salah and reciting Sana, recite this tasbih 15 times
  2. After reciting Surah Fatiha and another Surah, recite this tasbih 10 times
  3. During Rukuh, after saying prescribed glorifications, recite the tasbih 10 times
  4. After standing up from Rukuh, recite the tasbih 10 times
  5. In the first Sajda after glorifications, recite the tasbih 10 times
  6. In the Jalsa (between the Sajda) recite the tasbih 10 times
  7. Again recite the tasbih 10 times in the second sajdah

Repeat this procedure for all four Rak’at of the salah to complete the count of the tasbih to 300. (.4)





Allaahumma Yaa Zal-manni wa laa yamunnu ‘alayh, yaa Zal-jalaali wal-ikraam, yaa zat-tawli wal-‘in’aam. Laa ilaaha illaaa Anta Zahrullaajiinaa, wa jaarul-mustajiiriina, wa Amaanulkhaa-‘ifiin.

Allaahumma in kunta katabtanii ‘indaka fii ‘ummil-kitaabi shaqiyyan ‘aw mahruuman ‘aw matruudan ‘aw muqattaran ‘alayyna fir-rizqi famhu..

Allaahumma bi-fazlika shaqaawatii wa hirmaanii wa tardii waqtitaara rizqi, wa ‘asbitnii ‘indaka fii ‘ummil-kitaabi sa’iidam-marzuuqammuwaffaqal-lil-khayraati, fa innaka qulta wa quwlukal-haqqu, fii kitaabikal-munzali, ‘alaalisaani Nabiyyikal-Mursali, yamhullaahu maa yashaa-‘u wa yusbitu wa ‘indahuu ‘ummul kitaab ‘Ilaahi bit-tajallyil-‘a-zami, fii laylatinnisfi min shahri sha’baanal-Mukarrami, ‘allatii yufraqu fiihaa kullu ‘amrin hakiiminw-wa yubramu, ‘an takshifa ‘annaa minal-balaaa-‘i wal balwaaa-‘i maa na’lamu wa maa laa na ‘lamu, wa Anta bi-hii ‘a’lam. Innaka Antal-‘a’azzul-Akram. Wa sallalaahu ta’aalaa ‘alaa sayyidinaa Muhammad-dinw-wa ‘alaaa ‘aalihii wa sahbihii wa sallama Wal-Hamdu lillaahi Rabbil-Aalameen. (.5)









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