Namaz and Physical Health Benefits


Namaz and Physical Health Benefits Namaz is the second pillar of Islam and also the major form of worship. Salah is obligatory on every Muslim and should offer it five times a day with no excuse for its specific time. The purpose of Salah is to put ourselves in touch […]

Significance of Praying at the Mosque

A mosque is generally a very symbolic place for a Muslim, being a humble way for Muslims to recreate pure divine presence on earth. The primary purpose of the mosque is to serve as a place where Muslims can come together for prayer. Nevertheless, mosques are known around the world […]

The Importance Of Friday and Jummah prayer


Friday is the sixth day in Islamic week. The literal meaning of Friday is congregation. In Islam, this day is given the most importance than any other days of the week. Friday is a very important day for Muslims. It is the day that Muslims gather together to pray in […]