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Islamic Friendship Quotes – Quotes About Friendship in Islam

Islamic Friendship Quotes | There is no need to say that friendship is one of the most precious relations in this world. Tough every relation is filed with care, love, respect, and honesty. But sometimes in most difficult time, we need someone who could understand our situation and does not warn us about the society that what people would say? A true friend is the one who remains with us in every circumstance.

Friendship is a bond between people. This bond can be either strong or weak depending upon numerous factors. Trust, loyalty, honesty, and compromises are part of every relationship that exists in this world. When some friends are closer, that you spend more time with them , share your secrets and things with them wholeheartedly, and there is no difference amongst you, those friends become equivalent to family.

Here are some Islamic Friendship Quotes that will make you realize that you’re blessed with good friends or make you realize to make good friends.


Here are some Hadiths about friendship that you may not have heard:

1. Who to befriend?

“Keep company of a believer only and let your food be eaten only by the righteous.” (Tirmidhi)

2. The seriousness of friendship

“A man follows the religion of his religion; so each one should consider whom he makes his friend” (Abu Dawud)

3. Who is a true friend?

“The true friend is only he who regards his friend in three situations: ordeal, absence, and death.” (Nahjul Balagha)

4. Why should one have many true friends?

“Try to have as many as possible true friends, for they are the supplies in joy and the shelters in misfortunes.” (Bihar-ul-Anwar)

5. What to do when your friend does something wrong

“If you wish to mention the faults of your friend, mention your own faults first.” (Bukhari)

6. The qualities of a good friend

“Your best friend is the one who: seeing him reminds you of Allah, speaking to him increases your knowledge, and his actions remind you of the hereafter.” (Al-Muhasibi)


(Hadiths Source: themuslimvibe.com)


Islamic Friendship Quotes – Quotes About Friendship in Islam


Imam Ali (as) Says: “The poor is one who does not have any friend.”



Islamic Friendship Quotes - Quotes About Friendship in Islam


“If you have someone in your life that encourages you to practice Islam. Consider yourself blessed.”

– If you are looking for a friend who is faultless, you will be friendless. – Rumi

– Sometimes you’ll come across someone who isn’t the smartest, wealthiest, or most popular but they have the best Akhlaq (manners). Keep their company.

– Whoever smiles at his brother’s committing of a sin has betrayed him.


Islamic Friendship Quotes - Quotes About Friendship in Islam

“If you have a friend who helps you obey Allah, Hold onto him.”

– Those who love us will correct us.

– Sit with those who constantly repent, for they have the softest hearts.


“A True Friend Cares About Your Akhirah.”

– When you feel low or sad look around you. Who are your friends? Surround yourself with those who remind you of Allah and become happy.


Islamic Friendship Quotes - Quotes About Friendship in Islam


“Friends Till Jannah.”

– You’re my best friend in this world and I hope we’ll meet in Jannah too.

‘When love is for the sake of Allah,  it never dies,  continues till Jannah.’



“Your Friend is the one who mentions Allah to you in your presence and mentions you to Allah in your absence.”

– Your friends are a reflection of yourself. Who your friends are is indicitive of who you are or who you’ll become if you continue to be with them.

Islamic Friendship Quotes


Islamic Friendship Quotes - Quotes About Friendship in Islam


“Real friends want to be neighbours in Jannah”

– No Matter How many new friends you make you can get real comfort from old friends.



“True Friends Help each other in deen.”

– Stay away from a companionship that does not benefit you with knowledge.

– Stay with people who fear Allah, or discuss what the Quran says or try to follow the righteous path as we mirror our friends.


Islamic Friendship Quotes - Quotes About Friendship in Islam


“The Greatest thing a friend can do for you brings you closer to Allah.”

– Keeping company with good people is one of the best of deeds that bring one closer to Allah, and is one of the best means of attaining blessing. On the other hand, keeping company with bad people such as disbelievers and those who commit sin openly is not permissible, and is one of the things that lead to a bad end and cause one to adopt their attitudes and deeds.

Islamic Friendship Quotes



“Alhamdulillah for friends who are like brothers”

A True friend is one who sees a fault gives you advice and who defends you in your absence. –  Ali ibn Ali Talib R.A

– Keep friends who are not selfish or who backbite, but consider those which can control their desires and anger, teaching you good things to build your character.

– As true friends will show you what is better for you and keep you as close to reality rather than make you live dreams that might make you fall.


Islamic Friendship Quotes - Quotes About Friendship in Islam


“Imagine Allah forgives you and takes you into Jannah because you were the cause for your friend to repent.”

– Keep company with the one who follows the right path 

When you are a friend to one another you always protect one another. There is reward for the one who helps his friend. It is like a reflection, when you do something for someone, Allah rewards you with the same thing. You hide one’s faults Allah hides your faults. You act kind towards a friend Allah acts kind towards you and is merciful towards you. Therefore, always put others in the first place and yourself second.

Islamic Friendship Quotes


Dua Quotes for Friends & Friendship!

“It is a great blessing for me to have such a amazing friends around me like you guys who give me support with words of wisdom, encouragement and help me to be righteous. May Allah bless you all my friends.”

“May Allah respond your dua, fulfill your dreams and bless you and your family always.”

“May Allah keep blessing our friendship. May our friendship stay last longer!”

“May Allah always guide you and bless you and keep firm you in Islamic faith.”

‘May Allah bless you and keep you. May Allah protect you from harm. May He grant you happiness in this world and peace in the next.”

‘May Allah bless you with good health, family happiness and success. Continue to spread love and happiness wherever you go. May all your wishes come true.”

“May Allah bless and guide your steps, giving you all the strength of purpose and success in life. May he shower his wisdom upon you, and make every step taken on your path secure and true.”
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