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Ya Nabi – Sami Yousuf (Lyrics)

Ya Nabi – Sami Yousuf (Lyrics)

Ya Nabi (Peace Be upon Him)

Wa ṣalli ‘ala l-Hādī, ḥabībī jaddi l-Hasanayn
Salutations upon our Guide, the beloved, the grandfather of Hasan and Hussein

Rasūlī ma’danu l-jūdi, Imāmu l-Ḥaramayn
My prophet, the quintessence of generosity,
the Imam (leader) of the Two Holy Mosques

Nabīyinā khayru man yamshī ‘ala l-qadamayn
Our prophet is the best of those who walk on two legs

Yā ‘āshiqīn ṣallū ‘ala sayyidi l-kawnayn
O You who love him, send salutations upon the master of the two worlds

Ṣalla l-Lāhu ‘alayhi wa-ālihī, wa aṣḥābihi l-mayāmīn
Salutations of God upon him, his family, and his blessed companions

Yā Nabī
O Prophet

Ṣalla l-Lāhu ‘alayhi wa-ālihī wa-‘ala aṣḥābihi
Salutations of God be upon him, his family and auspicious companions

Lā mithluhū ’aḥadun, lā mathīla lak
You have no match, no one can compare

Yā Rasūlī, yā Habībī, yā Malādhī, yā Bashīrī
O my prophet, O my beloved, O sanctuary, O bearer of good tidings

’Anir ṭarīqī bi-jāhi Ṭāhā
Enlighten my path O God, for the sake of Taha

’Ataytu ḥimak ’arjū riḍāk
I came to Your sanctuary, hoping for Your approval

Ṣalli ‘ala l-’Amīn
Salutations upon The Trustworthy

Sayyidī, Sayyidu l-’awwalīn wa-l-ākhirīn
My master and the master of the first and the last

Yā Nabī
O Prophet

Ṣalawātu l-Lāh
Blessings of God

Wa Salāmu l-Lāh
And His Peace

Ṣalla l-Lāhu ‘alayhi
Be upon him


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Sami Yusuf is a British singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer, and humanitarian, born in Tehran, Iran. Yusuf gained international attention with the release of his debut album, Al-Mu`allim, in 2003. Now with over 34 million albums sold, he performs at venues around the world. The BBC, CNN, ARTE, FRANCE 24, Reuters, Time, Rolling Stone, and Music Week are among the media outlets that have covered him and his work. His seventh studio album, Barakah, was released in 2016.

Sami Yusuf was born on 1980 in Tehran to Azerbaijani parents.. His grandparents are from Baku, Azerbaijan. His grandparents left Baku when it was recaptured by the Bolsheviks after the First World War. From an early age, Yusuf showed great interest in music. He was influenced by the wide range of musical genres available to him in his home town of Ealing in West London, immersing himself especially in Western classical music and Middle Eastern music. He learned piano and violin as well as traditional instruments including oud, setar, and tonbak. In 2003, although considering pursuing a career in law, he produced and released his first album. It quickly became an international success and launched Yusuf’s professional music career. Yusuf studied music as a composition student at the prestigious Royal Academy, as well as at Salford University in north-west England.

Source: Wikipedia

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