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Muslims brothers should keep reminding to their fellow Muslims because reminder benefits the believers.  Islam encourages us to do good and forbids us from doing evil. In Islam, poor, rich, ruler, Black, white, Arabian and non-Arabia all are equal. Better are those who are better in doing good deeds. Islamic reminder is to apply in our lives and remind to other Muslim brothers.

Short Islamic Reminder Quotes

“Tomorrow is never promised so start doing good deeds and praying from today.”

“Good parents are those who educate their children about Islam.”

“Don’t harm your Muslim brothers with your tongue nor hands but help and guide them in the light of Quran and Sunnah.”

“Allah has knowledge of everything whatever we do in our life so fear Allah and worship Allah; Accept plans of Allah and put your trust on Allah.”

“Obey Allah and Practice teaching of Quran and Sunnah in your life.”

“Put your trust in Allah but not in mankind nor in any other creation.”

“Allah has power to make your enemies as friend, don’t think bad even for your enemies but pray for them that Allah guide them to the straight path of the truth.”

“Quran will tell you solution for all your problems. Please read Quran.”

“No one can harm you if Allah wants protect you, No one can save you if Allah wants punish you. So fear Allah amd seek protection from Allah and none.”

“Always remember Allah in every situation and try your best to do good deeds, and before going to bed to sleep ask Allah’s forgiveness for all the sins you have committed in the day. “

“Stay close to the people who love Allah and remind you about Allah.”

“This life is test, so be content, confident and proud of your Islamic faith in all the circumstances no matter what.”

“Islam teaches us unity so be united and don’t be divided.”

“Allah helps those who put their trust in Allah, Put your trust in Allah, You will see help and guidance of Allah in your all the matters.”

“Allah is most merciful and forgiving so repent often and never give up hope of Allah’s Mercy.”

“If you truly believe in Allah and obey Allah then you need not to fear. Allah will protect you.”

“Allah is most merciful and forgiving. Repent and Seek forgiveness of Allah. “

“Repent often and forgive others for their mistakes.”

Short Islamic Reminder Quotes

If people abandon you at the time of hardship, don’t worry, Know that Allah is always ready to help the believers, We just need obey and trust Allah.

“No matter how rich and popular you are, death will reach to you one day. So leave your ego and obey Allah.”

“Never think bad about any believer, When you make a dua for anyone then make it good and positive because you also get benefited with it.”

“Help poor and needy believers, Allah will have mercy on you and will help you.”

“A believer consider to the life of this dunya as a test, each day, each hour, each minute, each second of it. Even when alone, He tries his best to act according Quran and Sunnah..”


“A friend who reminds you of Allah is one of the best friends.”

“If you have Islamic knowledge then be humble and share it with others.”

“Speak words and take actions by taking care guidance of Quran and Sunnah.”

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