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Wasif Ali Wasif Inspiratinal Quotations in Urdu

 Wasif Ali Wasif

Wasif Ali Wasif was a teacher, writer, poet and sufi intellectual from Pakistan. He received his early education from Khushab before going to Jhang where he passed matriculation, intermediate and bachelor’s in first division.

He was proficient at playing hockey and received many awards during his school and college time. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he opted for English literature for his master’s degree. Wasif started writing for the college magazine named “Ravi”.

He also passed the civil service exam but did not pursue it. In 1962 he established his own institute named “Lahore English College” near anarkali in Lahore. Wasif had an interest in Sufism from his very childhood. He strived to meet sufis and visited different shrines.

Wasif Ali Wasif is famous for his literary works. He is said to have been cited in quotations more than any other contemporary Urdu writer. Master of aphorism, he has downright a miraculous ability to capture a rainbow of meaning in a few dewdrops of well chosen words. Many of his aphorisms have become proverbs in recent years. His book “Kiran Kiran Suraj (کرن کرن سورج)” containing these aphorisms remained best seller for many many years.

He used to write short essays on topics like love, life, fortune, fear, hope, expectation, promise, prayer, happiness, sorrow and so on with clear objective of highlighting the true spirit of Islam. He was a regular columnist of Pakistani Urdu daily newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt. His column was named “GUFTGOO (گفتگو)” and it started publishing in newspaper in 1984. His shrine is in Lahore in the famous Mianiasaab graveyard where his Urs is celebrated on 22–24 Rajab annually.

Wasif Ali Wasif Quotations in Urdu

Agar Allah Maaf Karde Tou Gunah Kya

Agar Allah Namanzoor Karde Tou Naiki Kya

– Wasif Ali Wasif

Badshahon Ne Badshahi Chor Kar Darwaishi Qabool Ki Lekin

Kisi Darwaish Ne Darwaishi Chor Kar Badshahat Qabool Nahi Ki

– Wasif Ali Waisf Quotes in Urdu

Pareshani Halat Say Nahi

Khayalat Say Paida Hoti Hai

– Urdu Quotation

Jis Tarah Mousam Badalne Ka waqt Hota Hai 

Isi Tarah Waqt Vadalne Ka Bhi Mousam Hota Hai

– Wasif Ali Wasif Quotes in Urdu

Door Say Ani Wali Awaaz Bhi Andhray Mai 

Roshni Ka Kaam Deti Hai

Ghusay Mai Sach Bolne Bara Mushkil Hai Kiun Keh

Ghusay Mai Insaam Sirf Jazbaat Bolta Hai Sach Nahi Bolta

Munafiq Woh Hai Jo Islam Say Muhabbat kare

Aur Musalman Say Nahi

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Khoobi Kahan Zaya Hoti Hai?

Mayoosi Say Or Ghusay Sayi In Do Baton Say Khoobi Zaya Hoti Hai

– Wasif Ali Wasif Inspirational Urdu Quotataions

Mout Ka Khof Es Liye Bhi Hota Hai Keh Hum Samakhty Hain Keh Hum Apne Azizon Say Juda Ho Jayain Gy

Azizon Ko Toou Hum Zindagi Mi He Juda Kar Detey Hain

Khwaab Na Choray Ja Sakty Hain Na Pooray Kiye Ja Saktay Hain

Bas Dekhy Ja Sakty Hain

Jo Karta Hai ALLAH Karta Hain

Or ALLAH Jo Karta Hai Behtar Karta Hai

Badi Ka Mauqa Ho Aor Badi Na Karo

Tou Ye Buhat Bari Naiki Hai

– Wasif Ali Wasif Inspirational Quotes in Urdu

La Mehdood Arzuain, Mehdood Zindagi Ko Azaab Bana Deti Hain

Pasan ko Chorna Bara Mushkil Hota Hai Or Na-Pasand Ko Qabool Karna bara Mushkil  Or Yeh Kar Jana ALLAH Ke Baray Shukr Ka Maqaam Hai

– Wasif Ali Wasif Quotes

Jin Logon Ko humNay Mout Ka Gham Dekr Jana Hai, Kiun Na Unko Zindagi Mai koi Khushi Di Jaye

Agar Ta’aluq Rakhna Hai Tou Jhagra Kis Baat ka? Or Agar Ta’aluq Nahi Rakhna Tou Jhagra Kis Baat ka?

Agar Ghareeb Faaqe Say Mar Raha Ho Tou Ameer Yaqeenan bad Hazmi Say Marega

Apne Dil Ke Darwazy Par Darbaan Ban Kar Betho, Socho Kya aa Raha Hai Or Kya Ja Raha Hai , Agar Dil Mai Rakhne Ke Qaabil Hai Tou Rakho, Agar Nahi  Tou Nikal Do

– Wasif Ali Wasif Urdu Quotes

Muhabbat Mai Ghair Ki Raye Lena Haraam Hai

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