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Top Muslim Countries Ranked by GDP (2021)

The economy of Muslim countries has been growing rapidly in recent years, with many nations seeing significant development and progress. Here is a list of the top Muslim countries ranked by GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as of 2021:


Saudi Arabia – $1.89 trillion

Turkey – $795.4 billion

Indonesia – $1.11 trillion

Iran – $607.1 billion

United Arab Emirates – $421.1 billion

Egypt – $313.2 billion

Bangladesh – $322.4 billion

Nigeria – $448.1 billion

Malaysia – $364.7 billion

Pakistan – $278.2 billion

Qatar – $166.6 billion

Kazakhstan – $180.2 billion

Algeria – $169.9 billion

Iraq – $182.5 billion

Morocco – $124.1 billion


It is worth noting that some of the wealthiest Muslim countries in terms of GDP are not included on this list, as they do not have a majority Muslim population. Additionally, the GDP of some Muslim countries has been negatively impacted by political instability, civil unrest, and conflict in recent years. Nonetheless, these figures provide a snapshot of the economic status of Muslim countries in 2021.

Saudi Arabia is the wealthiest Muslim country by GDP, owing largely to its massive oil reserves and its position as the world’s largest oil exporter. Turkey, Indonesia, and Iran follow closely behind, each with a significant and diverse economy. The United Arab Emirates has seen significant economic growth in recent years due to its focus on technology and innovation, while Bangladesh and Nigeria have growing economies driven by manufacturing, agriculture, and services. Overall, the economies of Muslim countries are diverse and dynamic, offering a range of opportunities for investment and growth.



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