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Hallaka Sirrun Indallah – هل لكَ سِرٌّ عِندَ اللهْ | Nasheed Lyrics

Hallaka Sirrun Indallah – Arabic Nasheed Lyrics


Mishary bin Rashid Alafasy

هل لكَ سِرٌّ عِندَ اللهْHallaka Sirrun Indallah

Do you have a secret with Allāh?


بينكَ أنتَ وبينَ اللهbynk ant wbyn allah
Just between you and Allāh

هل لكَ صَدَقاتٌ تَخفىhal lk sadaqat takhfa
Do you have hidden charities?

لا يعلمها إلا اللهْla yaelamuha ‘iilaa allh
Which no one knows but Allāh

قِصصٌ لا تُكشَفُ إلاqiss la tukshaf ‘iilaa
Stories which would not be revealed

بكتابكَ حينَ ترى اللهْbktabk hyn taraa allh
Except when your records are presented before Allāh

ما أحراكَ بهذا أنْma ahrak bihadha an
What can be more appealing than this

يَكبُرَ قَدرُكَ عِندَ اللهْyakbur qadruk eind Allah
That it would increase your status in front of Allāh


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