Dua To Reveal Munafiq Friend In Islam

Islam is a religion of transparency, honesty, and ethics. Impure hearts and evil intentions are strongly condemned in this pious religion.

Where Allah praises believers in the Holy Quran and sets punishments for disbelievers, He also discusses the worst type of people; these are Munafiqeen (hypocrites).

Who is Munafiq?

Munafiq is a dual person who apparently is a believer but in reality, he is not. Beware of such people as they are a major threat to your life and belief.

If a person claims to be your friend but deep down tries to harm you by any means, he is a munafiq person and the worst category of an enemy.

“If Nifaq resides in a person’s heart, it is disbelief, if it resides in his deeds, it is undoubtedly a crime”

(Qurtubi, Tafsir, VIII, 212)

A munafiq may get successful in hiding his intentions in this world, but he could not protect himself from Allah on the day of judgment, because Allah knows everything. The fate of a hypocrite will be worse than the fate of a disbeliever in the akhirah.

What does the Quran say About Munafiq?

In the Holy Quran, there are many verses where the signs and fate of a munafiq are mentioned. Al Baqarah, the longest verse, has four verses on believers, two on disbelievers, and 13 detailed verses on Munafik.

Why so many verses on the people of Nifaq? Because at the time of revelation, the number of hypocrites was growing dramatically harming the proliferation of Islam. So Allah wanted to beware Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and help him to recognize and deter them.

So if you want to spot the munafiq ones in your friends group, do recite the Holy Quran. Get Islamic Finder app and listen to the audio verses of the Holy Quran. It will keep your mind nourished and refreshed so that you can tackle the evil air hovering around you.

How to Identify a Munafiq?

As our history has been marked with a number of hypocrites, we must be able to recognize a munafiq. Here Islam has enlightened the believers with some of the signs of a munafiq person.

  • They will be the first ones to discourage you by anticipating failure. If any wave against Islam started getting the hype, they will predict that the downfall is inevitable.

“Thinking that the Prophet will never meet their families is satisfying for your hearts, and you assume that an evil will come and ruin the people”

Al-Qur’ān, 48:12

  • They will continuously mock you and your religion. label you as primitive, dark-aged, and regressive.

“When they are being asked to believe like other believers, they say that believers are foolish. Indeed, they are themselves foolish, but they are reluctant to know that”

Al-Qur’ān, 2:13

  • Spying and reporting against you is their favorite hobby. In past, hypocrites did drastic harm to Islam by being a spy. If there is such a munafiq in your group who tries to discourage you and put you as an evil person in front of your superiors, it is time to break ties with him as soon as possible.

Some of you listen to them. Allah is aware of their wrongdoings…..

Al-Qur’ān, 9:47

Since they are insecure about your success and growth, they want to cut your roots and turn your success into failure. So they spy to spot any weakness of you and turn it against you for the sake of their vested interests. Despite knowing the intention of such people, letting them close to you is an absurd idea.

They are your real enemies, as witnessed by the Holy Quran;

“People of Nifaq are your enemy, so be wary of them, how are they mistaken”

Al-Qur’ān, 63:4

  • Another sign common in hypocrites are they justify their actions to complement the doctrine of Islam. As hypocrites try to hide their evil intention, so they mask their behavior with the painting of religion. They make invalid excuses just to protect themselves from getting revealed. For instance, hypocrites did not step into the battlefield at the time of war and later made excuses. So be wary of such people who leave you when you need them the most.

One among them said; allow me to stay in my house and do not let me step into fitnah. Indeed, they have already stepped into it………………..

Al-Qur’an, Surah 9, Ayah 49

  • They enjoy doing evil and prohibit doing good. Within the maks of Islam, they will do acts that are strongly prohibited by Allah and His messengers. As evident from the past, hypocrites intend to close the righteous door and open the evil one. If they fail in closing the good one, they try to make people hate the righteous path and get tempted to the evil path.

“They say; do not spend your time with companions of Messengers ………………..”

Al-Qur’an, Surah 63, Ayah 7

Protect yourself from those who deceive you while being close to you. An open enemy is far better than a munafiq friend. A munafiq friend will destroy you mentally, physically, and financially.

Seek Allah’s Help to Protect against Hypocrite Friend:

Seek help from God by praying to reveal such a friend, so that you can keep your distance from him. The Prophet’s supplications were mainly focused on protecting him and his Ummah against evil and hypocritical ones. He fervently prayed to God to deter any falsehood if it intends to harm his Ummah.

Among his frequent supplications were;



“O, Allah! I am seeking refuge from a bad neighbor, a wife that will make me old before the time comes, a bad child, wealth that will punish me, and a deceitful friend who has an evil gaze on me, and a heart plotting against me; such that he hide if there is something good and spread if there is something evil”

At-Tabaraanee in ‘ad-Du`aa·’ (3/1425/1339)


A hypocrite is the worst kind of enemy. Be wary of those who are happy to be with you, but deep down plotting ways to stab you. The Holy Quran has mentioned many signs of a hypocrite person with two hearts.

In fact, a whole chapter of the Holy Quran “Al-Munafiqun” is revealed to focus on this category of people whose devastation is foreseeable. Being a Muslim, you must pray to protect yourself from a hypocrite friend who is just there to consume you for his vested interest.

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