Allah Ya Moulana – Maher Zain (Nasheed Lyrics)

Allah Ya Moulana - Maher Zain (Nasheed Lyrics)

Allah Ya Moulana – Maher Zain (Nasheed Lyrics)

الله معنا .. تسمعنا وترانا
Allah ma’ana, tasma’ouna wa tarana
(Allah You’re with us, you hear and see us)

الله الله إنا.. نرجوك الغفران
Allah Allah inna narjoukal ghufrana
(Allah, Allah we ask You for Your forgiveness)

أصلح نوايانا .. واغفر خطايانا
Aslih nawayana, waghfir khatayana
(Purify our intentions, forgive our mistakes)

الله الله واجعل .. في الجنة مثوانا
Allah Allah waj’al fil Jannati mathwana
(Allah Allah and make Paradise our final place)

الله، ربي.. أسعدنا مولانا
Allah, Rabbee, as’idna mawlana
(Allah, my Lord, grant us happiness my Master)

بدنيانا وأخرانا
Bidonyana wa okhrana
(In our life and in the Hereafter)

الله يا مولانا .. الله الله يا الله مولانا
Allah ya Moulana, Allah Allah ya’Allah Moulana,
(Allah O our Master! Allah Allah, O Allah our Master!)

الله يا مولانا .. حالي ما يخفاك يا الواحد ربي
Allah ya Moulana, hali ma yekhfak ya al-wahid Rabbee
(Allah O our Master! My condition is not hidden from You, O The One, my Lord!)

زدنا إيمانا .. وألهمنا الإحسان
Zidna imana, wa alhimnal ihsana
(Increase us in faith, and inspire us to excellence)

الله الله ندعوك.. بلغنا منانا
Allah Allah nad’ouk ballighna mounana
(Allah Allah we ask you to grant us our wishes)

ثبِّتنا وارْعَنا .. واسقنا القرآن
Thabbitna war’ana, wasqinal Qur’ana
(Make us steadfast and protect us, and allow us to taste the sweetness of the Quran)

الله الله نرجوك.. أن تجيب دعانا
Allah Allah narjouk, an tujiba du’ana
(Allah Allah we beseech You to answer our prayers)

الله، ربي.. أسعدنا مولانا
Allah, Rabbee, as’idna mawlana
(Allah, my Lord, grant us happiness our Master)

بدنيانا وأخرانا
Bidonyana wa okhrana
(In our life and in the Hereafter)


الله الله الله.. الله يا مولانا
Allah Allah Allah, Allah ya Moulana
(Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah O our Master)

ربي صلِ على محمد نبينا
Rabbee salli ‘ala Muhammad Nabina
(My Lord send you peace upon Muhammad our Prophet)

من حلّ في طيبةْ نورا وسكينةْ
Man halla fi Taiba nooran wa sakina
(He who descended upon Taiba (Medina) as light and peace)

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Maher Zain  is a Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and music producer of Lebanese origin. He released his debut album Thank You Allah, an internationally successful album produced by Awakening Records, in 2009. He released his follow-up album Forgive Me in April 2012 under the same production company, and a third album One (Maher Zain album) in 2016.

In January 2010, Maher Zain won Best Religious Song for ‘Ya Nabi Salam Alayka’, on Nogoum FM, a major Middle East mainstream music station, beating other prominent singers including Hussein Al-Jismi, Mohammed Mounir and Sami Yusuf.

In March 2011, Maher Zain released “Freedom”, a song inspired by the events and the actions of the people taking part in the Arab Spring.

Maher Zain was chosen as a Muslim Star of 2011 in a competition organized by July 2011 he featured on the cover of the UK Muslim lifestyle magazine Emel.

Zain was featured on Irfan Makki’s track “I Believe” from his debut studio album of the same name.

Maher Zain has appeared in the 40-episode Indonesian TV drama Insya-Allah. The show was aired on Malaysian satellite TV channel, Astro Oasis and Mustika HD, starting 17 July 2012, concurrent with the broadcasting of the show on Indonesia’s SCTV.

In 2013, he took part in the Colors of Peace project constituting songs based on works by Fethullah Gülen on the album Rise Up where Maher Zain performs the track “This Worldly Life”.

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