6 Sunnah for the New Born Baby Parents Should Know

6 Sunnah for the New Born Baby Parents Should Know
Sunnah for the New Born
The birth of a new child is a joyous occasion for any family. As Muslims, we have a responsibility to ensure that our children are brought up in the best possible way and that they are instilled with the values of Islam from a young age. The teachings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ provide us with guidance on how to care for and raise our children in accordance with the Sunnah. In this blog post, we will explore some of the Sunnah practices that are recommended for new born.


  1. Adhan in the ears of the newborn

One of the first things that should be done after the birth of a child is to give the Adhan (call to prayer) in the right ear of the newborn and the Iqamah in the left ear.

Abu Rafi’ reported:
“I saw the Messenger of Allah pronounce the call to prayer in the ear of Hasan ibn Ali after Fatimah gave birth to him.
(Sunan al-Tirmidhi 1514)


  1. Naming the child

Choosing a name for the newborn is an important decision and should be done in accordance with Islamic teachings. It is recommended to choose a name that has a good meaning and that is not associated with any negative connotations.


  1. Aqiqah

Aqiqah is a Sunnah practice where an animal is sacrificed on behalf of the newborn. This is usually done on the seventh day after the birth of the child.

It was narrated that Umm Kurz said:
“I heard the Prophet (ﷺ) say: ‘On behalf of a boy, two sheep of equal age and on behalf of a girl one sheep.’”

Sunan Ibn Majah 3162


  1. Tahneek

Tahneek is a Sunnah practice where a piece of softened date is placed in the mouth of the newborn. This is done to provide the child with some nutrition and to also fulfill the Sunnah۔

“New born children used to be brought to the Prophet ﷺ and He would supplicate blessings for them and rub a chewed date upon their palate” (Muslim)
In 2013 BBC reported that it was found using a sugar gel (such as a soft date or honey) rubbed onto the cheek of a baby is a cheap and effective way of preventing premature babies against brain damage.


  1. Circumcision

This is recommended to be done whilst the baby is still under the age of 1. However if it is not done, it must be done before the age of maturity. Every Muslim boy must get the circumcision.

  1. Shaving the head
“The boy is mortgaged by his ‘Aqiqah; slaughtering should be done for him on the seventh day, he should be given a name, and his head should be shaved.”
(Tirmidhi 1522)


Birth of a child is a blessing from Allah and it is our responsibility as Muslims to ensure that our children are brought up in accordance with Islamic teachings. By following the Sunnah practices mentioned above, we can ensure that our newborns are given the best possible start in life and that they are raised to be good Muslims who are pleasing to Allah.


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