Dhikr/Adhkar from the Sunnah and Hadiths

Dhikr/Adhkar from the Sunnah and Hadiths

 ‘Daily Adhkar’ which gives guidance on how to remember Allah in the manner shown to us by our beloved Messenger SallAllahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam.

Daily adhkar help you to reaffirm your tawhid daily and keep you close to Allah. The Sunnah adhkar (in particular, the morning and evening) will protect you from harm, illnesses, anxiety, grief, depression, devils, evil eye and magic. You will get peace and contentment in your life, and have more resolve to deal with difficulties.

Beautiful Adhkar from the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

A collection of various forms of Adhkar  from Hadiths.


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